The Inverse Selection by: Alex H. Singh A multi book Fantasy Series of EPIC Proportions. - BUY BOOK
A Special Treat
So many delicious books to choose from.

Which one will you indulge in today?

All Books are better with Wine
From Red, to White to Blush.

Like different flavors for Grapes, there are different choices for Wine.

What's your choice going to be?

Your Imagination Fill
The mind is a thirsty thing for knowledge.

What better way then to give it what is wants?

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About author
Alex H. Singh

USA Today Bestselling Author & International Bestselling Author.

‘A Dream is a glimpse of what you can have if you decide to walk down that path with no regrets…’

Alex H. Singh was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

He spent 3 years in University (UFT) and took a variety of courses, including English Literature and English Media. He decided, however, that a career on another path would be best for him and took a position as a Financial Adviser for a well-known and dependable bank, where he has worked ever since.

But it was to writing that Alex has always been drawn, and he has been penning books in various genres since he was 18. He has since self-published 13 books and particularly enjoys horrors, thrillers, sci-fi & Fantasy. He is keen to see what his growing army of fans will think of his Fallen Kingdoms Chronicles Series, The Second Husband and Tapestry Series which are all set for release.

In his spare time, Alex is a big fan of taking short naps as it helps to rejuvenate him. He also exercises regularly and enjoys baking, making old favorites like cupcakes, cheesecakes and other sweet treats. As a self-confessed foodie, he enjoys trying out new and delicious foods with friends, from a variety of eateries around the City.

Alex’ hopes for the future are to keep on writing books that people will enjoy reading and perhaps one day be able to do it full-time. He has already attained bestseller lists on a popular digital platform but would love to reach the Holy Grail of making the NYT List one day. For now is he happy & content being a USA & International Bestselling Author

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"I never really outgrew my love for fairy tales. When I started reading this, I had no idea how wrapped up I would be. I couldn't put it down as I was sucked into the world. There were a lot of nods to one of my favorite stories, which I'll not name, so it can come as a surprise for others as they read. Though, you will recognize some themes, and hints at items and character types, this story is very original. While I loved Esther Anna and Phillip, I was totally taken by the wendigo, Damien. I'm always drawn to the darker ones. It makes my heart happy to see this is just one part in what will be a series. I look forward to seeing what comes next."
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