Alice in Wonderland Review
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Alice in Wonderland

            There is absolutely no denying what a treasure the classic novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is. As a young girl, I always loved the movie, but had never gotten around to reading the book until much later. Though I’m sure that every living being around has at least some exposure to this tale, I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers.

            Let’s start with Alice. Alice is a stubborn girl who always has her head in the clouds. She is adorably sensible despite making wild decisions. Alice is a great character and I feel as if she is the only character that ever could have been written into a story like this and have it all fall together this beautifully. She is hilarious, and appropriately baffled by the things that she encounters in Wonderland. She is also fierce and is quick to point out when other people aren’t being proper. It is amusing to see Alice’s role reversed from one who needs to be scolded to the one doing the scolding. All in all, she’s a classic novel darling, and there is a reason that she’s such a pop culture icon.

            The truly interesting part about the story is watching Alice navigate this absolutely bonkers world known as Wonderland. She finds herself interacting with all kinds of people who are in some regard strangely reminiscent of ones that she knows, some good and some bad. Still, whether it be talking flowers or a caterpillar with a pipe, Alice finds her way to politely interact with each and every person that she meets in this bizarre place.

            Alice in Wonderland is a classic tale of a girl who finds herself in a world that she can’t quite understand as she struggles to use logic in a place that has never heard of it. The wonder within Wonderland will absolutely keep you turning pages.

            Let’s just say that it is a classic for a reason.

            Go and read it. You won’t be disappointed.

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