The Writing of Nubara 1
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Self-published books are on the rise, and let me just say that there are some darn good ones out there. A fine example of a delightful self-published fantasy with SciFi elements is Destiny Awaits: The Past Will Meet Its Present (Nubara Book 1) by Alex H. Singh. Now in addition to being a young author who saw an opportunity to write and publish his own series and did, Singh brings about a fun tale full of travel, adventure, and absolute chaos. One need only read the book’s summary to see that this is a book absolutely teeming with adventure.

The story focuses on a young woman named Soleil, who, in addition to having a cool name, also is an awesome lady character who gets to go on an expedition for her schoolwork at her university. So, in addition to being a smart and daring lady, she gets to go from the arctic to New York City, which is, if we’re being honest, everyone’s favorite place for a story to end up.

Upon arrival, Soleil meets some awesome new friends. It made me nostalgic for some nineties movies purely because it brings together a talented crew of vastly different characters who must work together to make discoveries, solve a mystery, and battle a frightening creature who wants nothing more than to probably eat them all and possibly destroy humanity.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m going to make you actually read the book to find out.

Really, I’ve got two words for you: alien king.

If those don’t make you want to read the book, I don’t know what will.

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